We are truly in uncharted waters. The traditional business model of agencies and clients alike is being stretched, stress tested and, in some cases, bent completely out of shape.

With these unprecedented times forcing sales and marketing in enforced stasis – what can we do?

It is tempting to try and make sense of it all. To try and see a way out. But even the greatest minds on the planet are struggling to comprehend what happens next. So, we need to look beyond our marketing bubble for guidance of a different kind.

Before we start looking at our tomorrow, we need to get a handle on today. To find a way to survive. To build our resilience. To battle on. We need to tap into the minds of the people making decisions in one of the world’s most high-pressure work places. The US Navy SEALs.

Forget the big picture. Make your world small.

According to retired Navy SEAL and Navy SEAL instructor, Andy Stumpf, the best survival strategy in high-pressure situations can be a counterintuitive one.*

The popular wisdom in crisis management is to take a step back to look at the big picture. That’s absolutely fine when the big picture is visible. However, when the big picture is taken completely out of our hands, it pays dividends to take a different tack.

Navy SEAL training is physically and mentally taxing to the extreme. It can just be too daunting and overwhelming to think about or visualise how you are going to make it to the end. To survive it requires that you ‘make your world small’. To focus and take it one day at a time. Set small daily goals and set about achieving them. Take motivation from these modest wins to fuel the next day and do it over again.

4 quick wins to kick start your new normal

When many traditional channels are now closed to us and our marketing world is in a tailspin – what can we do? We can make our world small and focus on some achievable daily goals:

  • In the absence of trade shows and conferences, improve your social visibility
  • Take this time to develop the useful content you always said you would, but never had the time to do
  • Re-visit the product or service value propositions and position the message for a post-pandemic world
  • Review and refresh your contact database. Cut out the dead wood and populate with fresh targeted contacts

Above all, be generous with advice and time. And hunker down until this storm passes. The market will return and we will have learnt many new lessons. In the meantime, it will pay to keep your world small. Achieve small triumphs every day.

Don’t worry about the big stuff, that can wait.

We are all in this together. Whatever your ambitions, wherever you’re heading, if you’d like a hand setting small, achievable, goals why not get in touch with our team today? They’re always happy to chat, share their experience or grab a virtual coffee.


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